• pond surrounded by green brush, reflecting a distant range of snow-covered mountains that are dominated by one massive mountain


    National Park & Preserve Alaska

Savage River Loop Trail

The Savage River Loop Trail is an easy to moderate walk of 2.0 miles (3.2 km), 1.5 hours, that begins at a turnaround at Mile 15 of the Denali Park Road, with no elevation gain, negligible grade, on a 24-inch wide surface of native soils with rocks and roots. The first half-mile is wheelchair accessible. The trail travels upstream a mile, crosses a wooden bridge, and returns on the opposite side. Highlights include wildlife on rocky slopes.

Did You Know?

close view of bearberry, a small red-colored plant

In 1908, Charles Sheldon – a hunter and naturalist – described in his journal the idea of a park that would allow visitors to enjoy the beauty he saw while visiting Alaska. In 1917 his vision became reality, with the creation of Mount McKinley National Park.