• pond surrounded by green brush, reflecting a distant range of snow-covered mountains that are dominated by one massive mountain


    National Park & Preserve Alaska

Plans & Studies: Research & Resource Management

Denali Park Road Capacity Study

- Fact Sheet, Information and Updates

Resource Stewardship Strategy (RSS) in process

- Fact Sheet about RSS

- Near-final RSS Summary (full-color expanded executive summary with highlights of strategies and projects; 64 pages; print double-sided to view as "booklet" as intended)

- Near-final RSS (currently in Alaska Regional Office for review and approval by Alaska Regional Director; 252 pages, needs Acrobat 8.0 to open/read)

Visitor Use Survey

- 2006 Visitor Use Survey

Bear-Human Conflict Management Plan (2003)

- Plan (main text)

- Appendices A-N

- Appendix O

- Appendices P-R

Hazardous Vegetative Fuel Treatment Plan (2003)

- Environmental Assessment

- Finding of No Significant Impact

Did You Know?

a moose with small antlers amid brush

Warmer average temperatures over several decades have resulted in expansion of woody vegetation. If this warming trend continues, it will change Alaska's ecosystems and drastically alter the physical appearance of Denali's landscape, as treeline marches higher up the mountains.