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    National Park & Preserve Alaska

Information for Researchers

Dall's sheep ram

Dall's Sheep Ram

NPS photo

Research Fellowships
Applications are now being accepted for 2014 Research Fellowships.
The deadline for submitting applications is February 15, 2014.

Murie Science and Learning Center Program of Research Fellowships
Read guidelines and application details for 2014 fellowships.

2013 Research Fellowship Projects
View photos of 2013 research fellows and read descriptions of their studies.

The Face of 2012 Research in Denali

Portraits of researchers and their 2012 projects
View photos and read about researchers working in Denali in 2012.

Researcher-in-Residence Program
2012, 2013 and 2014 Researcher-in-Residence Program

Read about two researchers and one science illustrator.

Parks for Research. Research for Parks.
Welcome to the possibilities of conducting research in the shadow of Denali.

Please consult the following documents to better understand the research opportunities and research responsibilities in Denali National Park and Preserve.

Caribou strolls on the gravel bar of the Teklanika River

Caribou in Denali

Lucy Tyrrell

Handbook for Researchers

Useful contact information
Research needed by park managers
Applying to conduct studies in Denali
What are the obligations of researchers?
Resources available to researchers

Proposals should be written carefully to be compatible with wilderness values.

Observing Dall's Sheep

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Are You Thinking about Applying to Conduct Research at Denali?

General and specific guidance for developing research projects and writing study plans (research proposals) for Denali that will be most compatible with Denali's wilderness landscapes, and thus encounter the least obstacles during review.

Snowshoe Hare

Getting Ready for Winter

Rob Hannawacker

Checklist for Requesting Support

Checklist of research-related support potentially available and how to request it (e.g., housing or camping, road permit, storage space, office space).

Researchers may wish to stay at campsites along the park road.

Camping at Wonder Lake Campground

Kent Miller

Potential Housing Options for Researchers

What campgrounds, cabins, and other lodging in the park are potentially available for researchers? Table of options and amenities that might be available, arranged by "east" and "west" ends of the park road.

Physiography map of a small part of Denali National Park and Preserve

Researchers can better plan fieldwork knowing about Denali's geography

NPS image

Park Geography for Researchers
Map of Denali focusing on Denali Park Road, showing locations of interest to researchers (pdf 5102 KB)

Inset Map A of Park Entrance Area (pdf 753 KB)

Inset Map B of Park Headquarters Area (pdf 554 KB)

Inset Map C of Kantishna - Wonder Lake Area (pdf 1077KB)

Temporary wildlife closures may include an area where a grizzly is defending a kill.

Please respect wildlife closures

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Maps of Current Wildlife Closures

Learn the locations of permanent and temporary wildlife closures by consulting these maps. These areas are off limits to research except in rare instances. Closure maps are arranged by section of the Denali Park Road (Miles 0-30, 30-60, 60-90+). Researchers, please walk and work around these wildlife closures.

How does White Sweet Clover (an exotic plant) impact floodplain plant community structure?

Recording Data

Blaine Spellman

Performing Environmentally-Sensitive and Safe Field Research in Denali

  • Minimizing impacts of conducting research
  • Staying safe while conducting research
Adolph Murie based some of his park research out of the East Fork Cabin.

East Fork Cabin

NPS Photo

Curatorial Requirements for Researchers Intending to Collect in Denali

How to comply with regulations about collecting in Denali--arranging a loan repository, what to do before you arrive at the park to collect, what needs to be recorded during your field collections, and responsibilities for researchers after collecting and after cataloging.
Sharing research information helps others be supportive of research in Denali.

Researchers can provide information for interpreters to incorporate in programs

NPS Photo / Kent Miller

Sharing Your Research

Ideas for sharing your research with others. Sharing your research builds support for future research opportunities.

Did You Know?

green forest in front of darker hills and a white capped mountain

Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska is over 6 million acres (9,419 square miles) in size!