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Fact Sheets

Front side of two-page fact sheet on monitoring climate change at Denali.

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Fact Sheets about Research and Resource Management

Engage in learning about research results by exploring Denali's resource fact sheets. Scroll down to view all the topics currently available (listed by category). Be sure to consider the entire list as some fact sheets contain information relevant to more than one category (e.g., The Rivers and Streams fact sheet summarizes the physical characteristics of types of rivers and streams, and also includes information about riparian vegetation and macroinvertebrates).

Physical (Earth Sciences) Resources

Biological Resources

Cultural Resources and Subsistence

Social Science
Climate Change

Park Management Issues

Fact Sheets for Kids

List of Fact Sheets in Chronological Order of Production
(includes how to cite a fact sheet)

Physical (Earth Sciences) Resources:

Biological Resources:

Cultural Resources and Subsistence:

Visitor Characteristics and Social Science

Climate Change:

Park Management Issues:

Fact Sheets for Kids

Dancing with Dinosaurs
Giant Gliding Glaciers
Grizzlies: Big, Brown, Berry-eating Bears

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