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Research Fellowship Programs

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Research Fellowships
Research fellows have been selected for 2013. The application deadline for 2014 fellowships is likely to be February 15, 2014. Check back in fall 2013 for more information.

In 2013, there are two research fellowships (made possible by two funding sources):
Discover Denali Research Fellowship Program (for studies in or near Denali)
Murie Science and Learning Center Fellowship Program (for studies in one or more of 8 arctic and subarctic parks (Bering Land Bridge, Cape Krusenstern, Denali, Gates of the Arctic, Kobuk Valley, Noatak, Wrangell - St. Elias, and Yukon - Charley Rivers)

The fellowship programs are designed primarily to provide funding for graduate students, but may also be appropriate for college faculty, undergraduates, agency scientists, and private-sector researchers. A researcher may submit an application requesting up to $8000 to be used over one or two years. More than one fellowship are offered by each program.

An application cover page must be submitted with an application.

Detailed descriptions of the two fellowship programs are provided.
Discover Denali Research Fellowship brochure (for 2013)
Murie Science and Learning Center Fellowship brochure (for 2013)

Learn more about the research fellows and the projects funded in:
2013 2012 2011 2010 2009

Sarah Federschmidt

2012 research fellow learns about earthquakes from temporary trenches

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Research Fellowship Applicants Intending to Conduct Studies in Denali National Park and Preserve

If your proposed study would be located in or near Denali, you may submit one application to be considered for both fellowships. You might be selected for either fellowship, but not both in a single year.

Other information that may be helpful to Denali applicants
Information for Researchers web page
Research Stewardship Strategy -- Fact Sheet
Research Stewardship Strategy Summary
Sharing Your Research

What is your research path?

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More about the Fellowships...

The Murie Science and Learning Center is located in Denali National Park and Preserve (at ~Mile 1.5 on the Denali Park Road) and provides "research, discovery, and learning opportunities within arctic and subarctic national parks to promote appreciation and caring for our natural and cultural heritage." As part of its mission to connect people with their public lands, Alaska Geographic provides staffing and funding toward MSLC operations. The MSLC makes both fellowship programs possible.

Discover Denali Fellowships are funded by the Denali Education Center (with proceeds from Discover Denali, an MSLC program developed in partnership between the Denali Education Center and the National Park Service). The Discover Denali program educates park visitors about Denali's natural and human history. The Denali Education Center is an NPS park partner that fosters understanding and appreciation of Denali through informative and inspiring programs.

The Murie Science and Learning Center Research Fellowships are funded by Alaska Geographic through the programs and partnership between Alaska Geographic and the National Park Service.

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