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Mount McKinley National Park (the original 2 million acres established in 1917) was the first national park created to protect wildlife, including Dall's sheep.

Download a mammal checklist, or browse the links below to (1) learn more about specific mammal species and (2) learn about any research being conducted on the populations or ecology of the wildlife species. Find out how many large mammals live in Denali, and browse natural history information for large and small mammals in our fact sheets.

Caribou Grizzly bears
Black bears
Moose Dall's sheep
Wolves Red foxes
Wolverines Arctic ground squirrels
Hoary marmots
Snowshoe hares
Collared pika Mice, voles and shrews

Over 100 bird species call Denali home in summer, though far fewer overwinter in the park. Learn more about birds in Denali, view an online bird checklist, or read more about the following selection of birds.

Black-capped chickadee
Common redpoll
Golden eagle
Northern hawk-owl
Peregrine falcon
Ptarmigan Trumpeter swan

The rivers and lakes most commonly seen by visitors provide habitat for limited species of fish. Additional species are found in more remote waters of the park.

Reptiles and Amphibians

There are no reptiles this far north; however, there is one lone amphibian species -- the wood frog. It is adapted for life in the far north: it freezes solid in winter, and then thaws in the spring! Learn more about wood frogs.

Wildlife Safety
Make sure to respect wildlife. Keep wildlife wild. Maintain wildlife and visitor safety. Learn about bear and other wildlife safety.

Research and Wildlife

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