Wildlife Closures


Cow Moose

NPS Photo / Robbie Hannawacker

Wildlife closures are established in Denali to protect wildlife and people.

The Sable Pass closure is a permanent closure.

Some temporary closures are short-term (a couple days to a week). An example would be an area where a predator may be defending a kill site. Other temporary closures protect active den or nest sites or moose rutting areas, and may be in place for many weeks or months.

Visitors, including researchers, must respect wildlife closures. Closures are physically marked on the ground with signs, and maps of closures can be downloaded below. Entry is not permitted into wildlife closures. Exceptions are rare and must have special justification and preauthorization. Researchers must adjust their field activities to another location or wait until the closure is no longer in effect.

Closure maps are arranged by milepost along the Denali Park Road. Updated information is always available at the Backcountry Information Center, located near the Wilderness Access Center.


Denali Wildlife Closures

At times, areas of Denali are closed to human entry to protect wildlife. This might be due to various reasons, such as the presence of a den or nesting site, or because of a wildlife kill.

Wildlife Closures, Miles 0-3

Wildlife Closures, Miles 31-60

Wildlife Closures, Miles 60-92


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