Published Research Results

More than 800 scientific and scholarly studies have taken place in the park since the early 1900’s. In 2013, there were 14 new active Research and Collecting Permits for studies in Denali and dozens more continuing projects. Some researchers are conducting more than one study. These scientific studies are conducted by Denali staff, park cooperators (e.g., U.S. Geological Survey or Alaska State Department of Fish and Game), and investigators from universities, institutions, and other agencies. Appropriate research for Denali is that which gathers information while making minimal impacts to park resources and visitor experience.

Research in Denali

Researchers and resource specialists study everything imaginable in Denali from why glaciers surge, to the population dynamics of wolves and their prey, to the physiological effects to humans of climbing Denali. Research on subarctic ecosystems and studies of culture, history, and place have been an integral part of understanding and protecting Denali’s natural and cultural resources since the park’s inception.

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Current Projects

Denali publishes Current Resource Projects annually to summarize results of resource studies from the previous year, and describe what resource projects are planned for the next field season.

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Current Resource Projects 2015 (6.7MB)

Current Resource Projects 2014
Current Resource Projects 2013
Current Resource Projects 2012
Current Resource Projects 2011
Current Resource Projects 2010
Current Resource Projects 2009
Current Resource Projects 2008
Current Resource Projects 2007
Current Resource Projects 2006
Current Resource Projects 2005

Investigator Annual Reports

Each year researchers at all national parks submit an Investigator Annual Report (IAR) summarizing their findings to the National Park Service’s Research Permit and Reporting System (RPRS) website. You can search IAR’s by park, investigator name, year, or general subject heading. Researchers may apply on line for a research and collecting permit at the same website.

National Park Service website for research permits and for IARs

Research Results

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