Mammals Checklist

Checklist of the mammals of Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska.

Current status: = present and substantiated with vouchered specimen.

This list is an outcome of the Small Mammal Inventory of Alaska's National Parks and Preserves conducted at Denali in 2002 by J.A. Cook (Idaho State University), S. O. MacDonald (University of Alaska-Fairbanks Museum), and A. Runck (University of Alaska-Fairbanks, 2002).

Family Soricidae
*Sorex cinereus, cinereus shrew
*S. hoyi, pygmy shrew
*S. monticolus, montane shrew
*S. palustris, water shrew
*S. tundrensis, tundra shrew
*S. yukonicus, tiny shrew

Family Vespertilionidae
*Myotis lucifugus, little brown bat

CARNIVORA - Carnivores
Family Canidae
*Canis latrans, coyote
*C. lupus, wolf
*Vulpes vulpes, red fox

Family Felidae
*Lynx canadensis, Canada lynx

Family Mustelidae
*Gulo gulo, wolverine
*Lontra canadensis, northern river otter
*Martes americana, American marten
*Mustela erminea, ermine
*M. nivalis, least weasel
*M. vison, American mink

Family Ursidae
*Ursus americanus, American black bear
*U. arctos, brown bear

Family Cervidae
*Alces alces, moose
*Rangifer tarandus, caribou

Family Bovidae
*Ovis dalli, Dall's sheep

RODENTIA - Rodents
Family Sciuridae
*Glaucomys sabrinus, northern flying squirrel
*Marmota caligata, hoary marmot
*Spermophilus parryii, arctic ground squirrel
*Tamiasciurus hudsonicus, red squirrel

Family Castoridae
*Castor canadensis, American beaver

Family Dipodidae
*Zapus hudsonius, meadow jumping mouse

Family Muridae
*Clethrionomys rutilus, northern red-backed vole
*Lemmus trimucronatus, brown lemming
*Microtus miurus, singing vole
*M. oeconomus, tundra vole
*M. pennsylvanicus, meadow vole
*M. xanthognathus, taiga vole
*Ondatra zibethicus, muskrat
*Synaptomys borealis, northern bog lemming

Family Erethizontidae
*Erethizon dorsatum, North American porcupine

LAGOMORPHA - Pikas & Hares
Family Ochotonidae
*Ochotona collaris, collared pika

Family Leporidae
*Lepus americanus, snowshoe hare

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