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Since 2009, the Denali Artist-in-Residence Program has included writers and poets. Below, you can find links to work inspired by their time in Denali.

Kathleen Dean Moore on the porch of the East Fork Cabin

Kathleen Dean Moore

NPS Photo / Charlotte Bodak

2013 Writer-in-Residence

Kathleen Dean Moore
Read a copy of Moore's donated writing, "The Art of Watching," a collection of five short essays
(10 pages, PDF 106kb)

Listen to Kathleen read her works:

Writer Kim Heacox writes on the porch of the East Fork Cabin

Kim Heacox

NPS Photo / Jake Frank

2012 Writers-in-Residence
Kim Heacox
Read a copy of Heacox's donated essay, "A Letter to Ade Murie"
(two pages, PDF 56kb)

Marybeth Holleman
Read a copy of Holleman's donated writings, "The Questions We Ask: A Teraptych"
(seven pages, PDF 94kb)

Linda Schandelmeier
Read a collection of seven poems by Schandelmeier, "Denali Poems"
(eight pages, PDF, 77kb)

Carolyn Kremers inside the East Fork Cabin

Carolyn Kremers

NPS Photo / Sean Proctor

2011 Writer-in-Residence
Carolyn Kremers
Read a collection of essays by Kremers, "The Day I Hiked Up Stony Dome"
(14 pages, PDF 192kb)


2010 Writer-in-Residence
Nancy Lord

Have your pick of three individual pieces donated by Lord --

  • Wolf
    (nine pages, PDF 650 kb)
2009 Writer-in-Residence
John Morgan

Read a collection of Morgan's donated work, "The Hungers of the World: Poems from a Residency"
(nine pages, PDF 149kb)

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