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    Civil War Defenses of Washington

    District of Columbia

Picnicking - Sports Fields - Community Gardens


Preparing the earth for a summer garden plot at Fort Dupont Park Community Gardens.

NPS Photo

The forests, natural scenery, turf, and other areas of the National Park Service Civil War Defenses of Washington sites, have been set aside to provide recreational opportunities as part of the National Park System of Washington D.C. The National Park Service works closely with the District of Columbia in administering special use permits for some of these activities. Click here to find out more about reserving picnic areas, sports fields, and community garden plots.

Did You Know?

Brachyphyllum crassicarde fossil

During the Cretaceous Period, 120 million years ago, the Fort Foote property was swamp land, much different from today. Warm adapted plants such as Brachyphyllum crassicarde lived in this habitat (fossil photo to the right). As the climate began to change, this plant as well as many others died out.