Operating Hours & Seasons


The operating hours of the Civil War Defenses of Washington sites are open from dawn to dusk.

The sites are administered by three different national parks. Find the site you are interested in and contact the appropriate park for additional information.

For information on Fort Foote, Fort Greble, Batery Carroll, Fort Stanton, Fort Ricketts, Fort Davis, Fort Dupont, Fort Chaplin, or Fort Mahan please contact:

Civil War Defenses of Washington
6625 Georgia Ave, NW
Washington, D.C. 20012
Phone: 202-8294650

Due to programming and other field activities please leave a detailed recording with the date of the call, your name, telephone and a brief message and someone will return your call within 24 hrs. (except Sundays)
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For information on Fort Bunker Hill, Fort Totten, Fort Slocum, Fort Stevens, Battleground National Cemetery, Fort DeRussy, Fort Reno, Fort Bayard, or Battery Kemble please contact:

Rock Creek Park
3545 Williamsburg Lane NW
Washington, D.C. 20015
Telephone: 202-895-6000
Visitor Information: 202-895-6070
Fax: 202-895-6015
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For information on Fort Marcy please contact:

George Washington Memorial Parkway
c/o Turkey Run Park
McLean, VA 22101
Telephone: 703-289-2500
Need Fax # 703-289-2598

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