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    Civil War Defenses of Washington

    District of Columbia

Fees & Reservations


Sports Fields

if you have questions regarding the following areas:

Fort Davis: Ballfield
Fort Greble: Ballfield, Basketball Court
Fort Reno: Ballfields, Tennis Courts
Fort Stanton: Football, Basketball Court, Tennis Courts, Ballfields


Groups that would like to make arrangements to reserve the following courts or fields for group practice or play should contact the National Park Service permit coordinator on 202-690-5152. Completion of an application for a special use permit and adherence to park regulation is required.

Fort Dupont Park: Multipurpose Fields, Tennis Courts, Basketball Court, Baseball Field.
Fort Mahan Park: Multipurpose Field.

Community Gardens

The National Park Service Civil War Defenses of Washington offer two areas for community gardening.

Fort Dupont Community Gardens is located at the corner of Fort Dupont and Fort Davis Drives. Please call 202-426-5961 for information. more...

Fort Stevens Community Gardens is located at 13th Street and Fort Stevens Dr., NW. Please call 202-895-6000 for information.


For decades, the National Park Service (NPS) picnic areas in Rock Creek Park and Fort Dupont Park have served as spots where groups have met for celebrations and gatherings.As someone who has enjoyed these sites, we wanted to reach out with information regarding upcoming changes in the reservation system and inform you of our proposal to increase fees. Since 1949, the NPS had an agreement with the District of Columbia Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) to manage the group picnic area reservations on NPS property at Rock Creek Park and Fort Dupont Park.DPR asked the NPS to assume the management of the reservation process for these NPS sites.March 1, 2014, the NPS transferred the reservation process to Recreation.gov, a convenient website used by many national parks and thousands of park visitors across the country. We worked with DPR to ensure that the transition was a smooth one for all park visitors and Washington Area residents.

The reservation fee for a group picnic area had not changed since the early 1990's. In 2013, the National Service solicited public engagement and comment regarding the need to bring its fee in line with the price for similar group picnic areas in the Washington Metropolitan Area, and providing options for full-day and half-day rentals.As proposed to the public in 2013, we began phasing in this increase over 3 years starting in the summer of 2014 with an increase to $25/half day.We are now preparing to implement the second phase of the increase January 1, 2015, at $45/half day, followed by the final increase phase in 2016 to $65/half day.The additional revenue will improve the condition of the picnic areas and the level of service provided to visitors.

The National Park Service hosted two opportunities in late 2013 for the public to learn more about the new permitting system and the proposed fee increase. This letter serves as a reminder of the planned implementation of phase two of the proposal in 2015.The National Park Service is inviting comments during a 21-day public comment period through October 30, 2014, via the NPS Planning, Environment, and Public Comment website: http://parkplanning.nps.gov/picnic or submit written comments to:


Attn: COMMENTS - Group Picnic Area Comments

1900 Anacostia Drive, SE Washington, DC 20020

Fort Dupont has three picnic areas that can be reserved for use by groups between May and September of each year.

Picnic Area #47 at Randle Circle: capacity of 75 people

Picnic Area #47A at Randle Circle: capacity of 50 people

Historic Earthwork (Lanham Estates) Picnic Area on Alabama Avenue: capacity of 75 people

Restrooms are located in each of these areas.

In addition, National Park Service Defenses of Washington feature non-reserved, first-come, first-served picnic areas at the following locations: Randle Circle, Ridge Picnic Area, Bruce Place, Fort Place (in front of the Anacostia Museum), and in Fort Chaplin Park (on Texas Avenue, SE, between B and C Streets, SE).

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