• !5-inch Rodman Cannon

    Civil War Defenses of Washington

    District of Columbia

Guarding the Chain Bridge

Assistant Secretary of the Interior Thomas Ryan recounted his experiences as captain of the 141st Pennsylvania Volunteers in an article appearing in the Washington Post in 1902. His regiment’s mission was to guard the Chain Bridge from Confederate attack. Read this account of the hardships of military life which included civilian suits as uniforms (gray ones at that!), ammunition that did not fit, and exploding muskets. more….
historical sketch of soldiers guarding the chain bridge
A view of the Chain Bridge from Battery Martin Scott
Harper's Weekly, August 24, 1861

Did You Know?

Brachyphyllum crassicarde fossil

During the Cretaceous Period, 120 million years ago, the Fort Foote property was swamp land, much different from today. Warm adapted plants such as Brachyphyllum crassicarde lived in this habitat (fossil photo to the right). As the climate began to change, this plant as well as many others died out.