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  • Photographic Society Members' Show Rescheduled

    Thursday, August 14 Cuyahoga Valley Photographic Society Members' Show has been rescheduled to 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 21 at Hines Hill Conference Center.

  • Towpath Trail Closure

    Towpath Trail is closed from Mustill Store to Memorial Parkway for riverbank reinforcement. Detours posted. Closure will last 1 - 4 weeks into August. More »

  • Other Closures

    Valley Bridle Trail south of SR 303, across from golf course, is collapsed by river. Hard closure. Plateau Trail Bridge, north of Valley Picnic Area is closed. No detours. Plateau & Oak Hill trails are open. More »

  • Road Closures

    Quick Rd is closed from Akron Peninsula Rd to Pine Hollow Trailhead in Peninsula, from Wednesday, 7/16, for 6 weeks. Detours posted. More »

  • Riverview Road Repaving

    Riverview Rd is being repaved from the Cuyahoga-Summit Cty line to Peninsula through Mon, 9/15. Road is open but there are still delays due to construction. Allow extra time. More »

Krejci Plan Modifications

Krejci Dump Remedial Action Work Plan Modifications to Address Village of Boston Heights Issues (Revised October 12, 2005)

The following is an addition to the protocols in the Remedial Action Work Plan made to further satisfy concerns raised during the public meeting held on September 21, 2005 at the Village of Boston Heights.

Traffic Issues

• EQIS will provide a flagman at the intersection of Hines Hill Road and old Route 8 during morning rush hour when Site-related truck activity is scheduled.

• EQIS will transport soil loads off the Site after all school bus traffic is clear.

(Trucks will leave the Site onto Hines Hill Road no earlier than 8:15 AM.)

Hazardous Materials Spill Response Issue

• As a secondary hazardous incident response measure, EQIS will have on standby a mobile foam unit in the event of odor releases, hazardous material fire, or spills on-site once the soil excavation activities commence.

Public Awareness Issue

• EQIS will offer a monthly open house for all local residents. The open house will entail meeting with the Site project managers from EQIS and DOI to discuss Site cleanup progress and any local concerns. The monthly open house will be coordinated with the Park.

Sampling of Hines Hill Road

EQIS will perform sampling events as follows:

• Sampling will be performed prior to the commencement of soil shipments, approximately halfway through the soil shipment process for the West Site, approximately halfway through the soil shipment process for the East Site, at the conclusion of the soil shipments from the West Site, and at the conclusion of the soil shipments from the East Site.

• Sampling will be performed in the vicinity of the Hike-Bike Trail, just off the south side of Hines Hill Road.

• Each sample will be analyzed for PCBs and eight (8) heavy metals (total analysis and TCLP).

Did You Know?

Image courtesy of Cleveland Museum of Natural History

American Indians in the Cuyahoga Valley were influenced by the Hopewell Culture, which created large mound complexes in central Ohio from 100 B.C. – A.D. 500? In the Cuyahoga Valley, American Indians built small mounds rather than large ceremonial centers.