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In this unit, developed for Inter-Generational Elderhostel, participants of all ages learn about the importance of beavers as part of an ecosystem and the impact they have had on human culture. This highly interactive program will engage everyone as they learn about this incredible animal. (3 hours)

Lesson Plan

Technology and the National Park Service

Through technology the NPS has improved the management our of nation's treasures. Radio-tracking, satellite navigation, global positioning and geographical information systems, air, water, and sound monitoring devices and a variety of other technological innovations have become useful tools. Learn how to use these devices and find out about their application in resource management. This unit has been partially funded by the National Park Foundation's Parks as Classrooms program. (90 minutes)

A Watershed in Action

Through a multi-media presentation and modeling on a stream-table, the movement of water through the Gunnison Basin is portrayed. Experience wet and dry years, see the differences between developed and natural streamsides, and see first hand how areas that have suffered a wildland fire can impact the watershed. (90 minutes)

Wildland Fire

Fire is an integral part of the ecosystem. Learn about natural fires and how they have impacted the lives of humans throughout history. Find out about modern wildland fire management and see tools that wildland firefighters use against today's infernos. (90 minutes)

Did You Know?

Foundation in Iola Basin

Three historic towns were abandoned and flooded when Blue Mesa Reservoir was created: Iola, Cebolla and Sapinero.