Lands and Legacies FAQ

What will I See?

The Lands and Legacies tour is a motorized tour to the north end of Cumberland Island. The tour starts at the Sea Camp Ranger station and heads north. Visitors will see both cultural and natural landmarks including the remains of Robert Stafford’s plantation and cemetery, Plum Orchard Mansion, Cumberland Wharf, The Settlement and First African Baptist Church and others.

How long is the trip?

This is expected to be an all day journey; tours will last between 5 and 6 hours and travel approximately 30 miles.

Is there a charge for the tour?

Yes, the adult fee is $15.00, the child (under 16) and senior (62 and over) fee is $12.00.

Should I make reservations?

Yes, reservations are strongly recommended as seats are limited and may fill quickly. Call 912-882-4335 Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You can make reservations up to six months in advance.

Can I make a reservation for my group?

Yes, groups who book the lands and legacies tour will try to be accommodated within the abilities of the tour guides operating the daily tours. However, the tours operate up to two tours per day using multiple passenger vehicles and there is no guarantee that groups larger than 10 will be accommodated on the same tour and the same tour route and at the same time. All tours will see the same locations each day.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, please call 912-882-4335 up to 24 hours in advance. Currently, there is no penalty for canceling your Lands and Legacies tour reservation. However, should you choose to cancel your ferry reservation, all terms and conditions will apply.

Are there dates that tours will not run?

The Lands and Legacies Tour will not run on Christmas day, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays between December 1 and February 28.

What is the tour schedule?

Tours occur daily and depart from the Sea Camp Ranger station shortly after the 9:45 a.m. ferry arrives. The tour will take approximately five to six hours. Visitors should plan to depart Cumberland Island via the 4:45 p.m. ferry.

What conditions should I be prepared for?

Visitors should be prepared for extreme conditions including heat, humidity, insects, rain, thunderstorms,The tour includes long drives on rough roads with frequent jarring bumps and may be delayed unexpectedly by things like downed trees and flooded roads.

What conditions can I expect to experience on during the tour?

Grand Avenue is a single lane dirt road. The entire length of the road is dusty and rough. The tour will be long and arduous with several stops requiring getting in and out of the vehicle and a good deal of walking. While the vehicle is climate controlled, our historic buildings and environment is not, please be prepared for hot, cold and rain.

Should I be concerned if I have any medical conditions?

Yes, this is a long arduous trip. If you require medications you must bring them with you. Visitors who have trouble sitting for a long period, are bothered by riding in a vehicle on a rough road with frequent jarring bumps, or who may experience car sickness should take their conditions into consideration before taking the tour. Visitors who have trouble with these type conditions while on the tour may have few options available to return to the Sea Camp ranger station.

What if there is a medical emergency?

Inform the park staff leading your tour immediately.Park staff will take appropriate actions to deal with emergencies.

What types of vehicles are used for the tour?

Depending on the size of the group, an appropriate vehicle will be used for the tour. The Park currently utilizes both enclosed vans with bench seats and a single side entry. The Park also has an enclosed van which is equipped with an ADA standard lift to accommodate wheelchair users. You should be prepared to ride in any of these vehicles.

Are there accommodations for wheel chairs?

Yes, a van with a lift and space for 2 wheel chairs is available. Inform the reservation agent your need for the lift van while making your reservation. This will insure the van is available when you arrive on the island. Many of the historic structures and natural areas may not be wheelchair accessible.

Can children participate as well?

For safety reasons, this trip is not recommended for children under three. Children over the age of three are welcome, but it will be a difficult trip for them. They will be inside a vehicle for 5 to 6 hours with stops at historic sites along the way. There is no planned free time for visitors, including children to explore the historic areas on their own.

Does my child need a car seat or booster seat?

Yes, according to Georgia state law, if they are under the age of eight or less than 4’9” they must be in an appropriate child restraint device. For more information on the GA state law, please visit

This device will not be provided by the NPS and parents/guardians will be required to install this seat in the tour van prior to departure from the Sea Camp Ranger Station. NPS staff will not be available to assist in the instillation of the child restraint device.

What do I need to bring?

There are no provisions available on Cumberland Island, so you will need to bring all of your daily supplies with you including lunch, a refillable spill-proof water bottle,sun screen and insect repellent. Visitors are allowed to bring a small backpack for bag for personal items including their lunch. All personal items will need to fit under the seat or on your lap.

Will there be a lunch stop?

Yes, there will be a 30 minute stop for lunch.

What should I wear?

You will need to wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather conditions and getting in and out of a passenger van. In addition shoes should be sturdy for walking on sand and uneven surfaces.

How can I hear the tour?

Visitors participating in the tour will be given a small radio which transmits the information from the Park staff leading the tour. These radios are about the same size as an I-pod and require "ear bud" earphone. Disposable earphones will be available for use, but help us be green by bringing your own.

What can’t I bring?

Large back packs, hard sided coolers, tripods or any other large containers or packs. Space is very limited in the tour vans so please only bring what you can hold in your lap or under the seat.

Are there any stores or restaurants on Cumberland Island?

No. You cannot buy anything on the island you must bring what you need with you.

Are there bathrooms?

Yes, but they are few and far between. The restrooms are located at Sea Camp, Plum Orchard and the Settlement area. There will be several hours between bathroom stops.

Can I refill my water containers?

Yes, you can refill water containers at Sea Camp and Plum Orchard. The water at the Settlement (at the North end of the Island) is NOT potable.

Can I check in for camping and take the tour on the same day?

No. Campers who want to take the tour must plan to arrive the day before their scheduled tour time. Tours will leave from the Sea Camp Ranger Station shortly after the arrival of the 9:45 ferry and this will conflict with the mandatory camper check-in orientation.

If I am camping in a back country or Wilderness campsite can I use the tour for transportation to and/or from the camp site?

No.All tour participants must begin and end the tour at the Sea Camp Ranger station on the same day.

Can I use my cell phone on Cumberland Island?

Cell phone use is not permitted in the tour van or inside historic structures. Cell phone use is permitted during scheduled stops. Cell reception is inconsistent at best on the island.

Will this trip also include a tour stop to the Dungeness Ruins?

No, at this time this tour only includes stops north of Sea Camp.

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