• Sea Oat hold windswept dunes along Cumberland Island

    Cumberland Island

    National Seashore Georgia

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Colonial Water Birds stand on the shore.

National Park SErvice

Cumberland Island is Georgia's largest and southern most barrier island. The National Seashore is one of the most diverse barrier islands supporting 23 ecological communities that provide critical habitat for a variety of species of plants and animals. The island hosts important habitat for all types of animals including:

·18 miles of the most valuable sea turtle nesting habitat in Georgia

·In general, excellent shorebird, wading bird, neotropical migrant, raptor, and waterfowl habitat

· nesting habitat for wading birds (wood storks, egret and heron species).·

·Excellent bird watching throughout the year

Did You Know?

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

There are many special species that rely on barrier islands such as Cumberland. They include wood storks, piping plovers, least terns, gopher tortoises, manatees and sea turtles.