The Mullet Wrapper

Cumberland Island National Seashore publishes a newsletter highlighting our events and local happenings. The newsletter has a long history and has evolved from an employee newsletter to a community publication.

Starting with our next issue, we are going green. Our goal is to reduce our postal mailing of the Mullet Wrapper while still encouraging our readers to share in our accomplishments. The Mullet Wrapper will be delivered via email, website and of course if you still want to receive a copy via the USPS, if will come directly to your mailbox. If you want to help us go green, contact Justin Helton at at 912-882-4336 x 226 or by email to have your name removed from our postal mailing list and to verify your email address.

To view the Mullet Wrapper, you will need Adobe Acrobat reader which you can download for free.

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