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  • No Cave Tours or Hensley Tours on September 27

    There will be no Gap Cave or Hensley Settlement tours offered on September 27, 2014 due to special Heritage Walk program. For more information please call the park visitor center at (606) 248-2817, extension 1075.

  • Sugar Run Trail Closed to Horses

    The Sugar Run Trail is temporarily closed to horse use due to the number of fallen trees as a result of recent storms. The trail is still open for hikers, but hikers should use caution.

  • Back the Bears!

    Support the park's "Back the Bears" campaign and help keep our bears wild and safe! More »

  • Cave Tour Alert!

    White Nose Syndrome is a disease that is killing bats in great numbers and has been found in park caves. While visiting Gap Cave please do not wear or bring anything that has been in other caves. Skylight Cave is currently closed.

Insects, Spiders, Centipedes, Millipedes



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Insects, Spiders, Centipedes, and Millipedes Known to Occur in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park


Order Diptera – Flies

Family Athericidae

Atherix sp.

Family Blephariceridae - Net-winged midges

Blepharicera sp.

Family Dixidae - Dixid midges

Dixella sp.

Family Dolichopodidae – Long-legged flies

Rhaphium sp.

Family Empididae - Dance flies

Chelifera sp.
Hemerodromia sp.

Family Limoniidae

Antocha sp.
Pilaria sp.

Family Muscidae – House flies

Limnophora sp.

Family Pediciidae

Dicranota sp.

Family Simulidae - Black flies

Prosimulium mixtum
Simulium sp.

Family Stratiomyidae - Soldier flies

Stratiomys sp.
Family Tabanidae – Horse flies
and deer flies
Tabanus sp.

Family Tipulidae - Crane flies

Prionocera sp.
Tipula sp.

Order Coleoptera – Beetles

Family Dryopidae - Long-toed water beetles

Helichus basalis
Helichus lithophilus

Family Elmidae - Riffle beetles

Anchytarus bicolor
Dubiraphia bittata
Macronychus glabratus
Optioservus ovalis
Stenelmis crenata

Family Gryinidae - Whirligig beetles

Dineutus assimilis
Gyrinus lugens

Family Hydrophilidae - Water scavenger beetles

Hydrobius melaenus
Paracymus sp.
Tropisternus blatchleyi blatchleyi
Tropisternus glaber
Tropisternus lateralis nimbatus

Family Psephenidae - Water penny beetles

Ectopria sp.
Optioservus trivittatus
Psephenus herricki
Stenelmis sp.

Order Ephemerata– Mayflies

Family Baetidae – Mayflies

Baetis brunneicolor
Baetis intercalaris
Pseudocloeon sp.

Family Baetiscidae - Armored mayflies

Baetisca gibbera

Family Ephemerellidae - Spiny crawler mayflies

Attenella attenuata
Drunella cornutella
Ephemerella dorothea
Ephemerella invaria
Ephemerella rotunda
Eurylophella doris
Serratella deficiens

Family Ephemeridae – Common burrowing mayflies

Ephemera blanda
Ephemera guttulata
Ephemera varia

Family Heptageniidae

Epeorus dispar
Epeorus rubidus
Stenacron pallidum
Stenonema exiguum
Stenonema femoratum
Stenonema interpunctatum
Stenonema vicarium

Family Isonychiidae

Isonychia sp.

Family Leptophlebiidae - Prong-gilled mayflies

Habrophlebia bibrans
Habrophlebiodes sp.
Paraleptophlebia guttata

Order Hemiptera – True bugs

Family Gerridae – Water striders

Gerris remigis
Rheumatobates rilevi
Trepobates sp.

Family Veliidae – Broad-shouldered water striders

Microvelia paludicola
Rhagovelia obesa

Order Megaloptera– Dobsonflies

Family Corydalidae - Dobsonflies, Fishflies

Corydalus cornutus
Nigronia fasciatus
Nigronia serricornis

Order Neuroptera – Lacewings

Family Sialidae – Alderflies

Sialis sp.

Order Odonata – Dragonflies and damselflies

Family Aeshnidae – Darners

Aeshna umbrosa
Boyeria grafiana
Boyeria vinosa

Family Calopterygidae - Broad-winged Damselflies

Calopteryx dimidiata
Calopteryx maculata

Family Coenagrionidae - Narrow-winged Damselflies

Argia fumipennis fumlpennis
Argia sedula
Enallagma divagans

Family Corduligastridae – Spiketails

Codulegaster erronea
Codulegaster fasciata
Codulegaster maculate

Family Corduliidae – Emeralds

Helocordulia uhleri
Macromia taeniolata
Somatochlora linearis

Family Gomphidae – Clubtails

Dromogomphus spinosus
Gomphus abbreviatus
Lanthus parvulus
Stylogomphus albistylus

Family Libellulidae – Skimmers

Dythemis velox
Erythemis simplicicollis

Order Plecoptera – Stoneflies

Family Capinidae - Smallwinter stoneflies

Allocapnia sp.

Family Chloroperlidae - Green stoneflies

Rasvena terna
Utaperla gaspesiana

Family Leuctridae - Rolled-winged stoneflies

Leuctra sp.

Family Nemouridae - Spring stoneflies

Amphinemura delosa
Amphinemura wui
(Haploperpla) brevis
Nemoura sp.

Family Peltoperlidae - Roachlike stoneflies

Peltoperla sp.
Tallaperla sp.

Family Perlidae – Common stoneflies

Acroneuria abnormis
Acroneuria carolinensis
Acroneuria lycorias
Eccoptura xanthenes
Isoperla sp.
Perlesta sp.

Family Perlodidae - Perlodid stoneflies

Yugus arinus
Family Taeniopterygidae
- Winter stoneflies
Taeniopteryx metequi

Order Trichoptera – Caddisflies

Family Apataniidae

Apatania sp.

Family Glossosomatidae

Agapetus sp.
Glossosoma sp.
Family Goeridae
Goera calcarata

Family Hydropsychidae - Net Spinning caddisflies

Cheumatopsyche sp.
Diplectrona modesta
Potamyia flava
Symphitopsyche bifida
Symphitopsyche bronta
Symphitopsyche sparna

Family Lepidostomatidae

Lepidostoma sp.

Family Limnephilidae - Northern caddisflies

Ironoquia sp.
Pseudostenophylax uniformis
Pycnopsyche divergens
Pycnopsyche lepida
Pycnopsyche luculenta
Pycnopsyche scabripennis
Pycnopsyche uniformis

Family Philopotamidae - Finger net caddisflies

Chimarra sp.
Dolophilodes sp.
Wormaldia sp.
Family Polycentropodidae
Neureclipsis sp.
Nyctiophylax sp.
Polycentropus sp.

Family Rhyacophilidae - Primitive caddisflies

Rhyacophila carolina
Rhyacophila fuscula
Rhyacophila glaberrima
Rhyacophila nigrita
Rhyacophila torva
Family Uenoidae
Neophylax oligius
Neophylax mitchelli

Taxonomic nomenclature from http://www.discoverlife.org

Did You Know?

President Richard Nixon

Vice President Richard Nixon visited Cumberland Gap on July 3, 1959 to commemorate the formal dedication of the park which took place the following day. While at the park he visited the scenic Pinnacle Overlook and attended festivities in the nearby town of Middlesboro, Kentucky.