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  • No Cave Tours or Hensley Tours on September 27

    There will be no Gap Cave or Hensley Settlement tours offered on September 27, 2014 due to special Heritage Walk program. For more information please call the park visitor center at (606) 248-2817, extension 1075.

  • Sugar Run Trail Closed to Horses

    The Sugar Run Trail is temporarily closed to horse use due to the number of fallen trees as a result of recent storms. The trail is still open for hikers, but hikers should use caution.

  • Back the Bears!

    Support the park's "Back the Bears" campaign and help keep our bears wild and safe! More »

  • Cave Tour Alert!

    White Nose Syndrome is a disease that is killing bats in great numbers and has been found in park caves. While visiting Gap Cave please do not wear or bring anything that has been in other caves. Skylight Cave is currently closed.


Red-tailed hawk

Red-tailed hawk

photo by Chuck Summers

Birds Known to Occur

in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

Taxonomic organization and nomenclature as used by Cornell Lab of Ornithology on http://www.birds.cornell.edu/


Family: Ardeidae

Ardea herodias (Great Blue Heron) [R, R, R, V]

Butorides virescens(Green Heron) [V, V, V, NP]

Family: Cathartidae

Coragyps atratus (Black Vulture) [U, U, U, U]

Cathartes aura (Turkey Vulture) [C, C, C, C]


Family: ANATIDAE - Subfamily Anserinae

Anser albifrons (Greater White-fronted Goose) [NP, NP, O, NP]

Chen caerulescens (Snow Goose) [NP, NP, V, V]

Branta canadensis (Canada Goose) [U, R, U, R]

Family: ANATIDAE - Subfamily Anatinae

Aix sponsa (Wood Duck) [R, R, R, NP]

Anas platyrhynchos (Mallard) [U, U, U, V]


Family: Accipitridae - Subfamily Pandioninae

Pandion haliaetus (Osprey) [R, NP, U, NP]

Family: Accipitridae - Subfamily Accipitrinae

Haliaeetus leucocephalus (Bald Eagle) [V, V, R, V]

Circus cyaneus (Northern Harrier) [R, NP, U, V]

Accipiter striatus (Sharp-shinned Hawk) [C, U, C, U]

Accipiter cooperii (Cooper’s Hawk) [C, U, C, U]

Buteo lineatus (Red-shouldered Hawk) [C, C, C, U]

Buteo platypterus (Broad-winged Hawk) [C, C, C, NP]

Buteo jamaicensis (Red-tailed Hawk) [C, U, C, C]

Buteo lagopus (Rough-legged Hawk) [NP, NP, O, NP]

Aquila chrysaetos (Golden Eagle) [NP, NP, O, O]

Family: Falconidae

Falco sparverius (American Kestrel) [U, V, C, U]

Falco columbarius (Merlin) [V, NP, U, NP]

Falco peregrinus (Peregrine Falcon) [V, NP, U, NP]


Family: Phasianidae - Subfamily Tetraoninae

Bonasa umbellus (Ruffed Grouse) [U, U, U, U]

Family: Phasianidae - Subfamily Meleagridinae

Meleagris gallopavo (Wild Turkey) [U, U, U, U]

Family: Odontophoridae

Colinus virginianus (Northern Bobwhite) [V, V, V, V]


Family: Gruidae - Subfamily Gruinae

Grus canadensis (Sandhill Crane) [O, NP, V, NP]


Family: Charadriidae - Subfamily Charadriinae

Charadrius vociferous (Killdeer) [V, V, V, NP]

Family: Charadriidae - Subfamily Scolopacidae

Scolopax minor (American Woodcock) [R, V, NP, NP]

Family: Laridae - Subfamily Larinae

Larus delawarensis (Ring-billed Gull) [NP, NP, V, NP]


Family: Columbidae

Columba livia (Rock Pigeon) [R, R, R, R]

Zenaida macroura (Mourning Dove) [C, C, C, C]


Family: Cuculidae - Subfamily Coccyzinae

Coccyzus erythropthalmus (Black-billed Cuckoo) [R, R, R, NP]

Coccyzus americanus (Yellow-billed Cuckoo) [C, C, C, NP]


Family: Strigidae

Megascops asio (Eastern Screech-Owl) [U, U, U, U]

Bubo virginianus (Great Horned Owl) [C, C, C, C]

Strix varia (Barred Owl) [U, U, U, U]

Aegolius acadicus (Northern Saw-whet Owl) [O, NP, O, O]


Family: Caprimulgidae - Subfamily Chordeilinae

Chordeiles minor (Common Nighthawk) [R, V, R, NP]

Family: Caprimulgidae - Subfamily Caprimulginae

Caprimulgus carolinensis (Chuck-wills-widow) [R, R, NP, NP]

Caprimulgus vociferous (Whip-poor-will) [C, C, NP, NP]


Family: Apodidae

Chaetura pelagica (Chimney Swift) [C, C, C, NP]

Family: Trochilidae - Subfamily Trochilinae

Archilochus colubris (Ruby-throated Hummingbird) [C, C, C, NP]


Family: Alcedinidae

Megaceryle alcyon (Belted Kingfisher) [R, R, R, R]


Family: Picidae

Melanerpes erythrocephalus (Red-headed Woodpecker)

[U, V, U, V]

Melanerpes carolinus(Red-bellied Woodpecker) [C, C, C, C]

Sphyrapicus varius(Yellow-bellied Sapsucker) [U, NP, U, U]

Picoides pubescens(Downy Woodpecker) [C, C, C, C]

Picoides villosus(Hairy Woodpecker) [C, C, C, C]

Colaptes auratus(Northern Flicker) [C, C, C, R]

Dryocopus pileatus(Pileated Woodpecker) [C, C, C, C]


Family: Tyrannidae - Subfamily Fluvicolinae

Contopus cooperi (Olive-sided Flycatcher) [R, NP, R, NP]

Contopus virens (Eastern Wood-Pewee) [C, C, C, NP]

Empidonax flaviventris (Yellow-bellied Flycatcher) [V, NP, V, NP]

Empidonax virescens (Acadian Flycatcher) [C, C, C, NP]

Empidonax minimus (Least Flycatcher) [U, O, U, NP]

Sayornis phoebe (Eastern Phoebe) [C, C, C, R]

Family: Tyrannidae - Subfamily Tyranninae

Myiarchus crinitus (Great Crested Flycatcher) [U, U, U, NP]

Tyrannus tyrannus (Eastern Kingbird) [R, R, R, NP]

Family: Vireonidae

Vireo griseus (White-eyed Vireo) [R, R, R, NP]

Vireo flavifrons (Yellow-throated Vireo) [C, U, C, NP]

Vireo solitarius (Blue-headed Vireo) [C, C, C, NP]

Vireo gilvus (Warbling Vireo) [U, R, U NP]

Vireo philadelphicus (Philadelphia Warbler) [U, NP, U, NP]

Vireo olivaceus (Red-eyed Vireo) [C, C, C, NP]

Family: Corvidae

Cyanocitta cristata (Blue Jay) [C, C, C, C]

Corvus brachyrhynchos (American Crow) [C, C, C, C]

Corvus corax (Common Raven) [U, R, U, U]

Family: Alaudidae

Eremophila alpestris (Horned Lark) [V, NP, R, V]

Family: Hirundinidae

Progne subis (Purple Martin) [R, R, R, NP]

Tachycineta bicolor (Tree Swallow) [R, NP, U, NP]

Stelgidopteryx serripennis (Northern Rough-winged Swallow)

[U, U, U, NP]

Hirundo rustica (Barn Swallow) [U, U, U, NP]

Family: Paridae

Poecile carolinensis (Carolina Chickadee) [C, C, C, C]

Baeolophus bicolor (Tufted Titmouse) [C, C, C, C]

Family: Sittidae

Sitta canadensis (Red-breasted Nuthatch) [U, NP, U, U]

Sitta carolinensis (White-breasted Nuthatch) [C, C, C, C]

Family: Certhiidae

Certhia Americana (Brown Creeper) [U, NP, U, U]

Family: Troglodytidae

Thryothorus ludovicianus(Carolina wren) [C, C, C, C]

Troglodytes aedon (House Wren) [R, V, R, NP]

Troglodytes troglodytes (Winter Wren) [U, NP, U, U]

Family: Regulidae

Regulus satrapa (Golden-crowned Kinglet) [C, NP, C, C]

Regulus calendula (Ruby-crowned Kinglet) [C, NP, C, U]

Family: Sylviidae

Polioptila caerulea (Blue-gray Gnatcatcher) [C, C, C, NP]

Family: Turdidae

Sialia sialis (Eastern Bluebird) [R, R, R, R]

Catharus fuscescens (Veery) [U, U, U, NP]

Catharus minimus (Gray-cheeked Thrush) [U, NP, U, NP]

Catharus ustulatus (Swainson’s Thrush) [C, NP, C, NP]

Catharus guttatus (Hermit Thrush) [U, NP, U, U]

Hylocichla mustelina (Wood Thrush) [C, C, U, NP]

Turdus migratorius (American Robin) [C, C, C, U]

Family: Mimidae

Dumetella carolinensis (Gray Catbird) [R, R, V, NP]

Mimus polyglottos (Northern Mockingbird) [V, V, V, V]

Toxostoma rufum (Brown Thrasher) [R, R, V, O]

Family: Sturnidae

Sturnus vulgaris (European Starling) [U, U, U, U]

Family: Motacillidae

Anthus rubescens (American Pipit) [V, NP, V, V]

Family: Bombycillidae

Bombycilla cedrorum (Cedar Waxwing) [C, C, C, C]

Family: Parulidae

Vermivora pinus (Blue-winged Warbler) [U, O, U, NP]

Vermivora chrysoptera (Golden-winged Warbler) [U, O, U, NP]

Vermivora peregrine (Tennessee Warbler) [C, NP, C, NP]

Vermivora celata (Orange-crowned Warbler) [V, NP, V, NP]

Vermivora ruficapilla (Nashville Warbler) [C, NP, C, NP]

Parula Americana (Northern Parula) [C, C, C, NP]

Dendroica petechia (Yellow Warbler) [U, V, U, NP]

Dendroica pensylvanica (Chestnut-sided Warbler) [C, R, C, NP]

Dendroica magnolia (Magnolia Warbler) [U, NP, C, NP]

Dendroica tigrina (Cape May Warbler) [U, NP, C, NP]

Dendroica caerulescens (Black-throated Blue Warbler)

[C, C, C, NP]

Dendroica coronata (Yellow-rumped Warbler) [C, NP, C, C]

Dendroica virens (Black-throated Green Warbler) [C, C, C, NP]

Dendroica fusca (Blackburnian Warbler) [C, R, C, NP]

Dendroica dominica (Yellow-throated Warbler) [U, U, U, NP]

Dendroica pinus (Pine Warbler) [U, U, U, V]

Dendroica discolor (Prairie Warbler) [R, V, R, NP]

Dendroica palmarum (Palm Warbler) [C, NP, C, NP]

Dendroica castanea (Bay-breasted Warbler) [U, NP, C, NP]

Dendroica striata (Blackpoll Warbler) [C, NP, R, NP]

Dendroica cerulean (Cerulean Warbler) [U, U, V, NP]

Mniotilta varia (Black-and-white Warbler) [C, C, C, NP]

Setophaga ruticilla (American Redstart) [C, R, C, NP]

Helmitheros vermivorum (Worm-eating Warbler) [C, C, C, NP]

Limnothlypis swainsonii (Swainson’s Warbler) [R, R, NP, NP]

Seiurus aurocapilla (Ovenbird) [C, C, C, NP]

Seiurus noveboracensis (Northern Waterthrush) [R, NP, R, NP]

Seiurus motacilla (Louisiana Waterthrush) [C, C, O, NP]

Oporornis formosus (Kentucky Warbler) [C, C, U, NP]

Oporornis agilis (Connecticut Warbler) [V, NP, V, NP]

Oporornis philadelphia (Mourning Warbler) [V, NP, V, NP]

Geothlypis trichas (Common Yellowthroat) [C, C, C, NP]

Wilsonia citrine (Hooded Warbler) [C, C, U, NP]

Wilsonia pusilla (Wilson’s Warbler) [R, NP, R, NP]

Wilsonia canadensis (Canada Warbler) [U, R, U, NP]

Icteria virens (Yellow-breasted Chat) [R, R, R, NP]

Family: Thraupidae

Piranga rubra(Summer Tananger) [U, R, U, NP]

Piranga olivacea (Scarlet Tananger) [C, C, C, NP]

Family: Emberizidae

Pipilo erythrophthalmus (Eastern Towhee) [U, U, U, U]

Spizella passerine (Chipping Sparrow) [R, R, R, O]

Spizella pusilla (Field Sparrow) [R, R, R, V]

Ammodramus savannarum (Grasshopper Sparrow) [O, O, O, NP]

Passerella iliaca (Fox Sparrow) [R, NP, R, R]

Melospiza melodia (Song Sparrow) [U, R, U, U]

Melospiza georgiana (Swamp Sparrow) [V, NP, V, R]

Zonotrichia albicollis (White-throated Sparrow) [C, NP, C, C]

Zonotrichia leucophrys (White-crowned Sparrow) [R, NP, R, R]

Junco hyemalis (Dark-eyed Junco) [C, R, C, C]

Family: Cardinalidae

Cardinalis cardinalis (Northern Cardinal) [C, C, C, C]

Pheucticus ludovicianus (Rose-breasted Grosbeak) [C, R, C, NP]

Passerina caerulea (Blue Grosbeak) [V, V, V, NP]

Passerina cyanea (Indigo Bunting) [C, C, R, NP]

Family: Icteridae

Agelaius phoeniceus (Red-winged Blackbird) [R, R, R, O]

Sturnella magna (Eastern Meadowlark) [U, U, U, R]

Quiscalus quiscula (Common Grackle) [R, R, R, O]

Molothrus ater (Brown-headed Cowbird) [R, R, O, O]

Icterus spurious (Orchard Oriole) [R, V, NP, NP]

Icterus galbula (Baltimore Oriole) [U, V, R, NP]

Family: Fringillidae

Carpodacus purpureus (Purple Finch) [U, NP, U, U]

Carpodacus mexicanus (House Finch) [U, U, U, U]

Carduelis pinus (Pine Siskin) [U, NP, U, U]

Carduelis tristis (American Goldfinch) [C, C, C, C]

Family: Passeridae

Passer domesticus (House Sparrow) [R, R, R, R]

Designations in brackets are for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and are as follows:

C = Common – easily found

U = uncommon – usually present but may not be seen

R = rare – only a few individuals, if any, may be present

V = very rare – not usually present

O = occasional – unusual visitor not located most years

NP = not present

Did You Know?

Hikers on the Sugar Run trail.

Cumberland Gap is an incredible destination for hikers and backpackers... over 85 miles of trails and numerous backcountry camping areas.