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Early American Frontier

Painting by David Wright showing Daniel Boone and other pioneers travelling through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky

Daniel Boone and early settlers coming through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky

Painting by David Wright

For early settlers and pioneers the Cumberland Gap was a gateway that led through the southern Appalachian Mountains into the great wilderness of Kentucky. They mostly traveled on foot, coming from as far away as Pennsylvania. Although many of these early travelers had different dreams and expectations heading west into Kentucky, they were all in search of land and a new start. They often traveled in groups for safety and had an insatiable drive to penetrate the great wilderness. Everyday was a struggle to survive as they lived off of the bounty of the land.

map of the historic wilderness road

Map showing the historic Wilderness Road

In the late 1700's most of the population in the United States was found east of the Appalachian Mountains. Early pioneers and settlers travelled along the historic Wilderness Road west into the wilderness of Kentucky through Cumberland Gap. By the early 1820's it is estimated that several hundred thousand people travelled this historic route westward. Today, an estimated 47 million people in the United States are descendants of these early travelers!

Did You Know?

President Richard Nixon

Vice President Richard Nixon visited Cumberland Gap on July 3, 1959 to commemorate the formal dedication of the park which took place the following day. While at the park he visited the scenic Pinnacle Overlook and attended festivities in the nearby town of Middlesboro, Kentucky.