A Handbook for Managers of Cultural Landscapes with Natural Resource Values Conservation Study Institute
Prairie landscape couresty of Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
Executive Summary
An Overview of Cultural Landscape Preservation
Literature Review
The Case Study Approach
Methodology Prairie landscape couresty of Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
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The NPS Conservation Study Institute and QLF/Atlantic Center for the Environment received a grant from the National Center for Preservation Training and Technology to locate and examine case studies illustrating the integrated management of cultural, natural, and scenic resources in cultural landscapes. These successful examples draw on the literature, methodologies, technologies, and practices of both natural and cultural resources to achieve an integrated approach to management of cultural landscapes.

photo by Sonny Carter
Cane River National Heritage Area

Through identification and evaluation of existing multidisciplinary cultural landscape programs, this research project identified a variety of strategies that foster the integration of natural resource management with historic and cultural resources in cultural landscapes. The project analyzed examples of cultural landscape preservation that illustrate best practices for managing cultural and natural resources in an integrated program. Research for this project followed two pathways: a literature search that resulted in a bibliography, and a series of interviews with resource professionals that led to the analysis of case studies and a summary of the lessons learned. These two sources of information were synthesized to develop this handbook of tools and approaches for cultural landscape management.

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