A Handbook for Managers of Cultural Landscapes with Natural Resource Values Conservation Study Institute
San Francisco Bay, California, photo by Nora Mitchell
San Francisco Bay, California, photo by Nora Mitchell
Executive Summary
An Overview of Cultural Landscape Preservation
An Overview of the Case Studies
Gathering and Utilizing Information
Communications: Getting Staff to Work Together
The Management Planning Process
Working with Others Outside the Site
Needs Assessment
Findings Golden Gate Bridge, photo by Nora Mitchell
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Needs Assessment

When asked for information that is needed, for changes that should be made, or for ideas for future programs, interviewees came up with the following suggestions.


Additional Professional Development

For staff members who work at the ground level, it is helpful to have tools that can be used in making day-to-day decisions. One suggestion was to create hands-on workshops for park staff on various aspects of cultural landscape management. The workshops could be designed so that participants work in teams including natural and cultural resource managers and maintenance and interpretative staff, and would work together resolving issues at their own site or on case studies from other locations.

Specific to the U.S. National Park Service

Additional Professional Staff

Hire additional professionals such as historic landscape architects to work for groups of parks (a cluster) on specific projects for two or three weeks at a time.

Share Examples of Cultural Landscape Reports

Make high-quality examples of cultural landscape reports available to other sites.

flexible Mechanisms and Information on Partnerships

Create accessible information and examples of cooperative agreements and other partnership tools. This is especially important for smaller parks with small staffs and therefore limited expertise. Parks should have access to model agreements for working with other federal agencies and local nonprofit organizations on collaborative projects..

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