A Handbook for Managers of Cultural Landscapes with Natural Resource Values Conservation Study Institute
San Francisco Bay, California, photo by Nora Mitchell
San Francisco Bay, California, photo by Nora Mitchell
Executive Summary
An Overview of Cultural Landscape Preservation
An Overview of the Case Studies
Gathering and Utilizing Information
Communications: Getting Staff to Work Together
The Management Planning Process
Working with Others Outside the Site
Needs Assessment
Findings Golden Gate Bridge, photo by Nora Mitchell
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The following is a summary of case studies and information gleaned from a series of interviews. (See Appendix E for a list of interviewees and sites.) The findings reflect observable patterns in what resource managers, planners, and other staff said about issues in their current working environment. Also included are thoughts or advice that interviewees wished to pass along to others in similar professional positions, as well as a synthesis of some of the lessons learned.

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