A Handbook for Managers of Cultural Landscapes with Natural Resource Values Conservation Study Institute
Biltmore Estate, North Carolina
Executive Summary
An Overview of Cultural Landscape Preservation
Appendix A: Interview Guide
Appendix B: National Park Service Definitions for Cultrual Landscape Types
Appendix C: World Heritage Convention Definitions of Cultural Landscapes
Appendix D: National Register Bulletins Relevant to Cultural Landscapes
Appendix E: List of Interviewees
Appendix F: Source Materials for Case Studies
Appendix G: Web Sites Relevant to Cultural Landscapes
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Appendix E: List of Interviewees

Biscayne National Park
Jim Adams, Cultural Resources Specialist (interviewed 1/19/01)

Blue Ridge Parkway
Gary W. Johnson, Chief, Resource Planning and Professional Services Division (interviewed 10/19/00)
Laura Rotegard, Community Planner, Resource Planning and Professional Services Division (interviewed 10/19/00)

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
Shaun Eyring, Landscape Architect, NPS Philadelphia Support Office (interviewed 10/24/00)
Patrick Lynch, Resource Management Division Chief (interviewed 12/21/00)
Zehra Osman, Park Planner (interviewed 9/29/00)

Gettysburg National Military Park
Deborah Darden, Chief of Resources Management (interviewed 10/23/00)
Bert Frost, Natural Resource Specialist (interviewed 9/12/00)

Grey Towers National Historic Landmark (U.S. Forest Service)
Jennifer Wellington, Landscape Curator (interviewed 8/31/00)

Kellogg House
Gene Graham (interviewed 12/21/00)

Louisville Olmsted Parks
Patricia O'Donnell, LANDSCAPES (interviewed 6/12/01)

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
Dale Scheier, Chief of Maintenance (interviewed 12/11/00)
John Tiff, Historian (retired) (interviewed 9/8/00)

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park
John Gilbert, Facility Manager (interviewed 8/3/00)
Kyle Jones, Park Resources Manager (interviewed 7/27/00)

Mt. Rainier National Park
Greg Burtchard, Cultural Resource Specialist (interviewed 1/25/01)
Laurie Kurth, Plant Ecologist (interviewed 2/1/01)

The Presidio of San Francisco, Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Michael Alexander, Golden Gate National Recreation Area Citizen Advisory Commission (interviewed 4/24/01)
Michael Boland, Landscape Architect, Presidio Trust (interviewed 1/8/01)
Ric Borjes, Chief of Cultural Resources and Museum Management Division, Golden Gate National Recreation Area (interviewed 2/6/01)
Peter Ehrlich, Forestry Manager, Presidio Trust (interviewed 12/19/00)
Carey Feierabend, Planning Manager, Presidio Trust (interviewed 10/16/00)
Peter Owens, former Planner, Presidio Trust (interviewed 10/19/00)
Carol Prince, Deputy Director, Golden Gate National Parks Association (interviewed 5/15/01)
Nick Weeks, Historic Landscape Architect, Golden Gate National Recreation Area (interviewed 12/14/00)

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
Steve Miller, Superintendent (interviewed 11/10/00)

Yosemite National Park
Randy Fong, Historic Architect (interviewed 1/17/01)
Sue Fritzke, Supervisory Resources Management (Natural), (interviewed 12/20/00)
Russell Galipeau, Chief of Resources Management (interviewed 1/4/01)
Laura Kirn, Park Archaeologist (interviewed 1/11/01)

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