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National Park Service
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Superintendent's Compendium
Of Designations, Closures, Permit
Requirements and Other Restrictions
Imposed Under Discretionary Authority.

James A. Morris, Superintendent

Craters of the Moon
National Monument
18 m SW of Arco, Hwy 93
P.O. Box 29
Arco, ID 83213

208-527-3257 phone
208-527-3073 fax

In accordance with regulations and the delegated authority provided in Title 36, Code of Federal Regulations ("36 CFR"), Chapter 1, Parts 1-7, authorized by Title 16 United States Code, Section 3, the following regulatory provisions are established for the proper management, protection, government and public use of those portions of Craters of the Moon National Monument under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service. Unless otherwise stated, these regulatory provisions apply in addition to the requirements contained in 36 CFR, Chapter 1, Parts 1-7.

Unless otherwise stated, these regulatory provisions only apply within the boundaries of Craters of the Moon National Monument before the Presidential Proclamation 7373 dated November 2000.


(a)(1) The following visiting hours and public use limits are established for all or for the listed portions of the park, and the following closures are established for all or a portion of the park to all public use or to a certain use or activity:

Public Use Limits:

  1. Group size to use the group campsite can not exceed 30 persons.

  2. Limit of one group, not to exceed 12 persons, in Arco Tunnel at one time.

  3. Limit of 12 stock animals per permit issued for day use.


  1. Land north of Highway 93 is closed to all public use except person(s) possessing a valid day-use permit issued by NPS staff at the Visitor Center.

  2. Off-trail travel is prohibited in the Spatter Cones/Big Craters area and in the North Crater Flow Trail area.

  3. Entry into Arco Tunnel is prohibited unless authorized by permit issued by NPS staff at the Visitor Center.

  4. Entry into closed sections of caves is prohibited.

  5. Entry into Surprise Cave is prohibited unless authorized by permit issued by the Superintendent.

  6. All public use and entry into any zone posted "CLOSED" is prohibited. This shall include, but not limited to areas closed for construction activities, areas closed due to emergency conditions, areas closed due to hazardous conditions that may affect public health and safety, and resource areas closed for protection in accordance with 36 CFR 1.5(c). Termination of temporary restrictions, limits, or closures shall be accompanied with the removal of the posted notices.

(c) Written determination and maps of closures are provide at the end of the this compendium.


(f) The following is a compilation of those activities for which a permit from the superintendent is required:

  • §1.5(d) The following activities related to Public Use Limits:

    • Use of the CRMO land north of Highway 20/26/93

    • Entry into Arco Tunnel

    • Use of stock animals

  • §2.5(a) Specimen collection (taking plant, fish, wildlife, rocks or minerals)

  • §2.10(a) The following camping activities:

    • Backcountry Use Permit (for overnight camping outside of Lava Flow Campground and the Group Site)

  • §2.16(g) Stock use and pack animals

  • §2.50(a) Special events (ex. a sports event, pageant, regatta, public spectator attraction, entertainment, ceremony, and similar events)

  • §2.51(a) Public assemblies, meetings, gatherings, demonstrations, parades and other public expressions of views

  • §2.52(c) Sale or distribution of printed matter that is not solely commercial advertising

  • §2.62(b) Memorialization (Scattering ashes from human cremation)

  • §5.1 Advertisements - (Display, posting or distribution.)

  • §5.3 Engaging in or soliciting any business (requires a permit, contract or other written agreement with the United States, or must be pursuant to special regulations).

  • §5.5(a) Commercial filming of motion pictures or television involving the use of professional casts, settings or crews, other than bona fide newsreel or news television

    • (b) Still photography of vehicles, or other articles of commerce or models for the purpose of commercial advertising.



(e) The following areas are closed to the viewing of wildlife with the use of an artificial light:

  • Within the monument


The sites and areas listed below have been designated for camping activities as noted. A reservation system has been established for the Group Site on the North End.

  • Lava Flow Campground
  • Group Site
  • Wilderness camping is allowed in the wilderness with a permit
  • Winter camping is allowed in the Tree Molds parking area with a permit during the closure of the road due to snow.

36 CFR 2.13 — FIRES

(a)(1) The lighting or maintaining of fires is generally prohibited, except as provided for in the following designated areas or receptacles, and under the conditions noted:

Designated Areas:

  1. Lava Flow Campground fire grills - charcoal only

  2. Amphitheater fire ring during interpretive programs

  3. Group campground fire ring

  4. Research Camp fire ring

  5. Wood stoves in government buildings

(c) During periods of high fire danger, the superintendent may close all or a portion of the monument to the lighting or maintaining of a fire

36 CFR §2.15 — PETS

(a)(1) Possessing a pet in the following areas is prohibited:

  • On all park trails
  • On all park ski trails during winter operations

(e) Pets may be kept by park residents under the following conditions:

  • Permanent employees are allowed no more than two pets
  • Seasonal employees are allowed no pets in seasonal quarters


(a) The following animals are designated as pack animals:

  • Horses
  • Burros
  • Mules
  • Llamas

(b) The use of horses or pack animals is permitted on the following trails, routes or areas:

  • Wilderness Trail

(g) Other conditions concerning the use of horses or pack animals:

  • No feed for stock animals shall be provided in the park


(c) Public use of snowmobiles is prohibited


(a) Cross country skiing and snow shoeing are allowed on Craters Loop Drive during periods when it is closed to vehicle traffic

(c)The towing of persons on skis, sled or other similar device by motor vehicle or snowmobile is prohibited

36 CFR §2.21 — SMOKING

(a) The following portions of the park, or all or portions of buildings, structures or facilities are closed to smoking:

  • Smoking is prohibited in all public buildings and offices
  • Smoking is prohibited within all caves and caverns


(b) Recreation fees, in accordance with 36 CFR part 71, are established for the following entrance fee areas, and/or for the use of the following specialized sites, facilities, equipment or services, or for participation in the following group activity, recreation events or specialized recreation uses:

Entrance Fee Areas: Craters Loop Drive

(c) The collection of recreation fees will be suspended during the following periods:

  • When the Craters Loop Drive is partially or totally closed due to snow, construction, etc.


(a) Authorization from the Director of the National Park Service is required to install a monument, memorial, tablet, structure, or other commemorative installation in a park area.

(b) A permit is required for the scattering of ashes from cremated human remains in the following areas, and/or according to the following terms and conditions:

  • The scattering of human ashes from cremation is allowed pursuant to the terms and conditions of a permit as outlined below:

    • The remains to be scattered must have been cremated and pulverized.

    • The scattering of remains by persons on the ground is to be performed at least 100 yards from any trail, road, developed facility, or body of water.

    • The scattering of remains from the air is to be performed at a minimum altitude of 2000 feet above the ground.

    • No scattering of remains from the air is to be performed over developed areas, facilities, or bodies of water.

36 CFR §4.30 — BICYCLES

(a) Bicycle use is permitted on park roads, parking areas, and on the following designated routes:

  • On roads north of Highway 20/26/93, with a Day-use permit, bicyclists are restricted to use of the established roads from the highway to Goodale's Cutoff and the length of Goodale's Cutoff from the east to west boundary gates.

The following routes are closed to bicycle use:

  • The Watershed Protection Zone
  • On all park trails

CRMO Superintendent's Compendium

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