• Wizard Island

    Crater Lake

    National Park Oregon

Natural Features & Ecosystems

Smoke from wildfires outside the park can obscure the view of Crater Lake during the summer months.

This split image shows how smoke from wildfires originating hundreds of miles from Crater Lake can obscure the view of Wizard Island and the lake.


Learn about smoke at Crater Lake.

The Old Man

The 'Old Man' of Crater Lake.


The 'Old Man' is a mountain hemlock that has been floating in Crater Lake for over one-hundred years.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The depth of Crater Lake was first measured in 1886 with a simple sounding machine that consisted of a crank and a spool of piano wire. Those first measurements showed the lake to be 1,996 feet deep - not far off from the depth of 1,943 feet that was measured with high tech equipment in 2000!