Lesson Plan

Scaling Around Cowpens National Battlefield

park map
Grade Level:
Third Grade-Sixth Grade
Mathematics, Social Studies
Group Size:
Up to 24
in the park
National/State Standards:
NC: Math: 3rd 1.01- 1.15; 4th 1.01-1.17; 5th  1.01-1.17; 6th 1.01-1.14
Social Studies: 3.G.1; 4.G.1
SC: Social Studies - 3-1; 8-1
Math – 3rd II-D; V-C, G; 4th II-D; V-D, G; 5th  V-B, G


GOAL: To be able to recognize the usefulness of mathematics in everyday life.


The student will be able to read symbols on maps, to follow directions, to measure, and to use computation skills to answer questions.


Print the following worksheet for students to fill out.


1. What distance does one inch equal on this map of the Cowpens National Battlefield? _______________

2. How far is it from the Robert Scruggs House to the picnic area? _______________

3. If you ride your bike from Morgan’s Camp directly to the forest, about how far will you ride? _______________

4. How long is the hike from the Visitor Center to the Robert Scruggs House? _______________

5. If you ride your bike from the entrance of the park to the picnic area, about how many yards will you ride? _______________

6. If you hike from Morgan’s Camp to the Washington Light Infantry Monument, about how many yards will you hike? _______________

7. If you begin at the park entrance, is it shorter to hike to the picnic area or the forest? _______________

8. About how far is it from the entrance of the park to the Highway 11 symbol on the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway? _______________

9. About what is the distance from the U.S. Memorial Monument to the forest? _______________

10. One of your friends is lost in the Cowpens National Battlefield. Try to find him. 1. He began in the forest and hiked about 2000 yards northwest. 2. He then hiked 2250 yards south. 3. Finally, he hiked 3250 yards northwest. Where is your friend? _______________