Lesson Plan

Partisan Warfare

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Grade Level:
Eighth Grade
History, Revolutionary War, Social Studies
2 class periods
Group Size:
Up to 24
National/State Standards:
South Carolina Social Studies: 8-2.5: Summarize the role of South Carolinians in the course of the American
Revolution, including the use of Partisan Warfare and the Battle of Cowpens, Charleston, Camden, and Kings Mountain.


Summarize the Battle of Cowpens


Summarize the Battle of Cowpens


 Photo of Daniel Morgan’s Statue

 Computer

 Projector

Ed Bearss tour of the battlefield: http://www.nps.gov/cowp/planyourvisit/outdooractivities.htm (scroll down)


Pre-Video Procedure (activities/discussion/lesson)

Show students a photo of Daniel Morgan’s statue in Downtown Spartanburg. Ask them who it is and why its there.

 Place students in groups, and assign each group a video segment to watch. Each group will create 3 questions for their segment.


Post-Video Procedure (activities/discussion/lesson)

Have each group present their questions to the class while showing their assigned segment. Classmates will copy and answer each group’s questions as they watch presentation.