Lesson Plan


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Grade Level:
Third Grade
Mathematics, Revolutionary War, Social Studies
40 minutes
Group Size:
Up to 24
in the park
National/State Standards:
SC - 3-5 Student understands length, time, weight, & liquid measurements; relationships between systems of measure; accurate, efficient, & general methods of determining polygon perimeters, & the values & combinations of coins required to make change.


Students will be able to understand the distances of 300 yards and 50 yards.


Students will be able to understand the distances of 300 yards and 50 yards.


To be brought from home or school:

  • Yard sticks
  • Stop watch
  • Yarn
  • Tally table chart


Pre-Video Procedure (activities/discussion/lesson)
www.nps.gov/cowp/planyourvisit/outdooractivities.htm. Read aloud the transcript of the selected Bearss clip.)

·        Talk about the rifle firing accurately up to 300 yards and the musket up to 50 yards. The rifle could only fire one musket ball per minute, and the musket could fire three in one minute.

·        Divide students into groups.

·        Each group will measure a 300-yard string and a 50-yard string.


Post-Video Procedure (activities/discussion/lesson)

·        Find an open space where the students can stretch their strings out and stand 300 yards and 50 yards apart.

  • Time   1 minute
    • 300 yards
    • 50 yards
  • Students measure the string and record each yard on a tally table.
  • After students stretch their strings out, use the stopwatch to time how far they can travel in 1 minute. Then divide the minute into thirds.


  • Talk about how this would feel on the battlefield.



  • Compare strings for correct measurements.