Lesson Plan

History and Technology


Summarize the Battle of Cowpens.


Summarize the Battle of Cowpens.


 Computer w/Internet Service

 Bus transportation

 LCD Projector

Ed Bearss battlefield tour: http://www.nps.gov/cowp/planyourvisit/outdooractivities.htm (scroll down)


Pre-Video Procedure (activities/discussion/lesson)

Students will go to the computer lab and access PowerPoint that the teacher has prepared. The PowerPoint explains expectations before and after a real or virtual field trip to Cowpens National Battlefield.

1. Students will post comments on class blog. (You will want to set up your own blog and create your questions.) These questions are set up as part of KWL (Know/Want/Learn).

Question 1: What do you already know about the American revolutions?

Question 2: What would you like to know about the American Revolution?

2. Student will read the questions on the blog.

Question 1: Where can you find the statue of Daniel Morgan?

Question 2: Which city and county in South Carolina were named after me?

3. Students will watch the Discovery Education video clip.

4. Students will visit the Cowpens National Battlefield website.

5. As a whole class students will watch Educational Television (ETV) video clips on Cowpens National Battlefield with Mr. Bearss as commentary. Between video clips, students will "Turn and Talk" to a partner about what they have learned.

Post-Video Procedure (activities/discussion/lesson)

1. Student will take a real field trip to Cowpens National Battlefield.

2. Students will create a flow map describing the events of the Battle of Cowpens and how it affected SC and the American Revolution.

3. Students will create a podcast using audacity.com (A link to the podcast rubric is on the PowerPoint slide.) They will read from their flow may to show what they have learned.

4. Students will set up a mock/simulation of the Battle of Cowpens in the field next to the school. After the simulation, students will judge their performance. They will communicate their reflection by writing a paragraph on what parts were most like the real battle based on what they have learned and what parts were most unlike or difficult to act out during their simulation.