Lesson Plan

Finding Area and Perimeter in the Park


GOAL: To use the battlefield as a vehicle for the study of math.


The student will be able to determine the area and perimeter of a given rectangle or square with given dimensions.
The student will be able to solve word problems involving area and perimeter.
The student will distinguish between the concepts of perimeter and area (that perimeter is the distance around and area is the measure of a covering).
Be sure students can convert feet to inches and inches to feet. Students should know that there are 12 inches in one foot.
Students should be advised that all sides of a square are of equal size.


After touring the sites at the Cowpens National Battlefield, students will be given the following worksheet. It contains dimensions of different items within the park. All the items are either rectangles or squares. Give students the formulas for finding area and perimeter of rectangles and squares.

To find the area of a square or a rectangle, multiply the length times the width. (A = L x W)

To find the perimeter of a square or a rectangle, calculate the sum of all the sides. (P = S+S+S+S)


Make sure students understand that in calculating area, the results are in squared units.

Before computing, have the students make sure that the units are the same, i.e., inches times inches, feet times feet, etc.


Download and print the worksheet.


Area equals the length times the width (A= L x W)

Perimeter is calculated by adding all sides. (P=S+S+S+S)

1. The base of the Cowpens National Monument at the Visitor Center is 136 inches long and 136 inches wide. Its base is a square. Calculate the area and the perimeter of this monument. Area = _______________square inches Perimeter = _____________________ inches

2. The information bulletin board at the entrance of the Visitor Center is four feet wide and about two feet high. What is the area and perimeter of the bulletin board? Area =__________________square feet Perimeter =_______________________feet

3. On the loop road, the first information marker is concerning how cow pens got its name. This marker is 3-1/2 feet long and 2-1/2 feet tall. Find the area and the perimeter of this marker. Area = _________________square feet Perimeter = _______________________ feet

4. There is a sign on the battlefield trail that states “No Bicycles”. This sign is a rectangle that is 8 inches tall and 10 inches wide. What is its area and perimeter? Area =__________________square inches Perimeter =_______________________inches

5. The fence surrounding the Washington Light Infantry Monument is about 12 feet long and about 15 feet wide. What is the area and perimeter of this fence? Area =__________________square feet Perimeter = _______________________feet

6. The entrance to the picnic area has two large signs. One of these rectangular signs is 54 inches wide and 18 inches tall. The other rectangular sign is 54 inches wide and 30 inches tall. What is the combined total area and perimeter of both of these signs? (Find the area of both signs and add them together. Then, find the perimeter of both signs and add them together.) Area = _________________square inches Perimeter =______________________inches