Lesson Plan

Declaration of Independence Reader's Theatre

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Grade Level:
Fourth Grade-Fifth Grade
Language Arts, Social Studies
Group Size:
Up to 24
in the park
National/State Standards:
North Carolina ELA Common Core: RF 4.4, RI 4.3, L 4.4, SL 4.1; RF 5.4; RI 5.3; L 5.4; SL5.1
North Carolina Social Studies Essential Standards: 4.H.1.4; 4.H.1.3; 4.H.1.2; 4.C&G1.3; 5.H.1.2; 5.H.2.1; 5.C&G1.3


Distribute scripts, assign roles, and present the play.


The Declaration of Independence reader's theatre

available at the Visitor Center


Distribute scripts and assign each role to a student. If time permits, allow students to read over their part before presenting. Then, present the entire play script. After the presentation, ask students how they think King Geore III would have felt when he heard those words? Discuss any unfamiliar vocabulary and the "gist" of the document.