Discover how the Battle of Cowpens contributed to the demise of the Southern Campaign and meet the heroic leaders who faced Banastre Tarleton head on.


The student will demonstrate an understanding of the role of South Carolinians in the American Revolution and the pivotal role the Southern Campaign, including the Battle of Cowpens, played in the outcome of the Revolution.



Knowledge and conveyance of the buildup to the Revolutionary War, South Carolina's role in the outcome of the war, the identification of key leaders on both sides, and an understanding of the pivotal role of the Battle of Cowpens in the outcome of the War



Essay Rubric

Provides basic rubric for written essay; clearly defines student requirements

Rubric for argumentative essay with three references:





Step 1: Introduction and background of Revolutionary War, differentiation between Britain's Northern and Southern Campaigns (2 days)


Step 2: Students conduct research to determine the key battles of the Northern and Southern campaigns and create a relative TChart in a small group setting (website examples:www.britishbattles.com; www.patriotsource.com (2 days)


Step 3: Continuing the research through Primary Sources, students (individually) create a timeline of Revolutionary War battles included in the Southern Campaign – beginning with the siege of Charleston and culminating with the surrender at Yorktown (2 days)


Step 4: Field trip to Cowpens National Battlefield including museum tour, video, fiber-optic map, and Ranger-led battlefield tour (1 day)


Step 5: Using information acquired through student experiences at the Battlefield, combined with research from (at least) three credible sources, students are to create an essay addressing the following prompt: Cowpens is well known as a turning point in the Southern Campaign. Justify this statement. (3 days)  


Informal: teacher observation of research activities and group participation


TChart – teacher evaluated for accuracy

Timeline – teacher evaluated for accuracy

Essay – teacher evaluated per rubric

Park Connections

Resources available in the Park Visitor Center clearly describe the build-up to the Battle of Cowpens, the key players in the Battle, the battle strategies of both sides, and the results of the Patriots' success. A tour of the Battlefield offers the students the opportunity to see the picture through Daniel Morgan's eyes. Physically exploring the geographic area encourages understanding of the strategies used in the battle and peaks interest into tactics and successes and/or failures in the Revolutionary War.


Explore the life of Daniel Morgan; create varying scenarios regarding his military career and leadership; Question varying outcomes ~ What if Daniel Morgan had not led his men to Cowpens? What would have happened to South Carolina if Morgan had not been successful at Cowpens?