Lesson Plan

Cowpens: A Battle Remembered

Grade Level:
Eighth Grade
Language Arts, Revolutionary War
2 class periods
Group Size:
Up to 24
National/State Standards:
South Carolina English/Language Arts:
 8-5: Writing for a variety of purposes and audiences
 8-2: Examining documentaries
 8-2.1: Compare/Contrast central ideas within and across informational texts


Students will be able to analyze the literacy genre of narrative poetry.


Students will be able to analyze the literacy genre of narrative poetry.


1. DVD: Cowpens: A Battle Remembered

2. Vocabulary List

3. Pencil

4. Paper

5. Poster Board, Colored pencils, Markers, Etc.


Pre-Video Procedure (activities/discussion/lesson)

Discuss family histories, allowing students to contribute their stories. Bring the discussion down to military family members. Then introduce the movie as a grandfather who had actually been in the battle describes the experience to his grandson.


Post-Video Procedure (activities/discussion/lesson)

1. Have students write their initial response to the film.

2. Have them compare and contrast the British and the Patriots.

3. Have them create posters to support both the colonists and the loyalists. Group the students into two groups, the colonists and the loyalists.


Rubric for the writing as well as a rubric for the poster.


 Patriots
 Whigs
 Tories
 Rebels
 First Continental Congress
 Epaulets
 Siege
 Cowpens (Some students may not understand anything about livestock in the 1700s.)
 Narrative