Lesson Plan

Counting Soldiers

Grade Level:
Second Grade
Mathematics, Social Studies
Group Size:
Up to 24
in the park
National/State Standards:
North Carolina Math common core: 2.MD.10


Students form a human graph to solve simple put together, take apart, and compare problems.


The Battle of Cowpens information sheet
Red and blue cards

Materials are available in the Visitor Center.


Randomly pass out Red and Blue soldier cards to students. Organize into 2 separate color groups. Then have students flip their cards to see if they are Highlanders or Redcoats (Red) or Militia or Continentals (Blue). Have students then forma a human graph based on the data. Using the graph, solve simple put together, take apart, and compare problems.

Tell me a math sentence to compare the number of Highlanders tothe number of Mlitia.

Combine the British Regulars and Highlanders (Red). Now combine the Militia and Continentals (Blue). Compare those two numbers. Use math vocabulary to describe relationships.

In a real battle, what would the data about the soldiers tell us? Could we make any predictions using the data? Using the Battle of Cowpens information sheet in this packet, look at the numbers and discuss the outcome. Were there other factors to consider besides the number of people in each army?