Lesson Plan

Cooperating Associations


Students analyze problems and perform basic addition and subtraction as well as figure percentages.


  • The student will explain the relationship between Cooperating Associations and National Parks.
  • The student will solve math problems related to Cooperating Association job descriptions.
  • The student will construct a budget and explain priorities in spending.


Cooperating Associations operate the bookstores in National Parks. These cooperating associations donate part of the proceeds from book and souvenir sales to the parks. The parks use the donations for activities, programs and publications to aid and promote the historical, scientific and conservation activities of the National Park Service.


Have the students work the following math problems.

Bag of plastic soldiers $6.00

Bayberry Soap $1.95

Post cards $.50

Paper Money $1.50

Musket ball $1.00

Cartridge Candy $.71

Quill Holder $7.95

Powdered Ink $2.00

Quill Pen $2.25

If You Lived in Colonial Times $5.99

Declaration of Independence $1.50

Tricorn Hat $10.95

1. If Amy has $10.00, will she be able to buy a quill holder, powdered ink, and a quill pen? If not, which item should she put back? How much money will he have left over if she puts back that item? Don't forget to add 7% sales tax.
2. Joey wants to buy both a bag of plastic soldiers and the Declartion of Independence. The sales tax is 7%. What will his total be?
3. Jamal has $5.00. He has chosen a musket ball, paper money, cartridge candy, and a post card. The tax is 7%. How much change will he get back? What else could he buy?
4. Luis is buying bayberry soap, a tricorn hat, and a book (If You Lived in Colonial Times…). How much will his subtotal be? At the rate of 7%, how much is the tax? What is the total that he owes?
5. If the Cooperating Association sells $50,000 worth of items in one year and donates $2,500 to the park in return, what percentage of the total will the park receive?


1. Choose several bookstore items and have students calculate the total price.
2. The students may wish to purchase bookstore items. Have them calculate the amount of the purchase.


Student Thought Question: The park has put you in charge of spending $2,500 to aid and promote the historical, scientific and conservation activities of the National Park Service. Write an essay on how would you spend the money.