Lesson Plan

Battle of Cowpens Webquest


The student will analyze the significance of the Battle of Cowpens on the American Revolution by visiting websites.


The student will analyze the significance of the Battle of Cowpens on the American Revolution.


Materials Needed:

 Bearss Video (http://www.nps.gov/cowp/planyourvisit/outdooractivities.htm - scroll down)

 Computer Lab

 Projector

 Web Access

 Webquest Sheet (Attached)

Pre-Video Procedure (activities/discussion/lesson)

Day 1: 1. Complete pre-assessment of students knowledge on the battle of Cowpens, Daniel Morgan, Andrew Pickens, Bannastre Tarleton (can be graphic organizer, quiz, oral discussion, etc.)

2. Show video clips of Bearss tour- Stop #1 and Stop #6. Students will take notes on video (optional).

Post-Video Procedure (activities/discussion/lesson)

Day 2: Students will complete a webquest on the computer to find information on the Battle and its significance to the American Revolution (Using notes from video and websites provided.)


Directions: Use the following websites to find information about the Battle of Cowpens. You may also use your notes from the Ed Bearss video to answer the questions.

Site 1: http://www.nps.gov/cowp/historyculture/the-battle-of-cowpens.htm

1. When did the Battle of Cowpens take place?

2. What was the Southern Campaign?

3. Why did Nathanael Greene divide his troops?

4. Who was Daniel Morgan? Explain how/why he was effective in leading troops at the Battle of Cowpens?

5. Who was Banastre Tarleton? Why did the Patriots resent him?

6. Compare the tactics used by Morgan and Tarleton.

7. What was Andrew Pickens role in the Battle?

8. How the Battle of Cowpens differed from the Battle of Camden? Why?

9. What role did the terrain (land) play in military strategy at the Battle?

Site 2: http://american-revolution-battles-period-7.wikispaces.com/+Cowpens

10. How many different types of military units were involved in the Battle of Cowpens?

a. American side:

b. British side:

11. Did Morgan’s battle order work out as planned? How did this confusion affect the outcome of the Battle?

Site 3: http://www.dean.usma.edu/history/Atlases/AmericanRevolution/Animations/Southern%20Campaign.ppt

12. What was the outcome of the Battle of Cowpens? (Who won, what happened to the British that were captured, etc.?)

13. Do you think the statement "If there had been no Cowpens, there would be no Yorktown" is accurate? Why or why not?

14. What role did the Battle of Cowpens play in the American Revolution?