Lesson Plan

American Revolution Readers Theatre

Grade Level:
Second Grade-Third Grade
History, Language Arts, Revolutionary War, Social Studies, Theatre
Group Size:
Up to 12
in the park
National/State Standards:
North Carolina ELA Common Core: RF 2.4; RI 2.3; L 2.4; SL 2.1; SL 2.2
North Carolina Social Studies Essential Standards: 2.H.1.3


American Revolution Readers Theatre was developed by Dr. Rosalind M. Flynn with students at Sweet Apple Elementary School, Roswell, GA.


Pick up script at the Visitor Center or download it at http://www.rosalindflynn.com/pdf%20files/AmRevolution.pdf.


Get copies of the script from the Visitor Center. Distribute scripts and assign each role to a student. If time permits, allow students to read over their part before presenting. Then, present the entire play script. Ask students to discuss the significance of revolution. What kind of character traits did these patriots have? (bravery, independence, determination) Discuss any unfamiliar vocabulary and the "gist" of the document.