Lesson Plan

Colonial Games

Grade Level:
Second Grade-Fifth Grade
Physical Education, Social Studies
Group Size:
Up to 24
National/State Standards:
North Carolina Social Studies Essential Standards: 2.H.1.3' 4/J/1/3;5.H.1.2
North Carolina Physical Education Essential Standards: PE.2.MS.1.1; PE.2.PR.4.1; PE.2.PR.4.3;PE.4.MS.1.1; PE4.PR.4.2; PE.5.MS.1.1; PE.5.MS.1.3; PE.4.PR.4.2


Students can enjoy the following activities to learn about the past and get active!


Jump the Creek - Teachers will need to bring with them 2 jump ropes, broom sticks, lengths of yarn, or anything else to make the "shores" of the creek.

Fruit Basket Turnover - none


Students will learn games that 18th century children would have played. Students can enjoy the "Jump the Creek" and "Fruit Basket Turnover" games and get active.


Teachers may do an internet search for the games or pick up the directions at the visitor center.