• Montezuma Peak


    National Memorial Arizona


Sunset at Coronado National Memorial

Sunset over the park.

Weather and Climate

Summers are hot, with daytime temperatures in the 90s F (32-37 C) and low humidity in June and July. Winter temperatures often fall below freezing at night, with highs 40-60 F (4-15 C) in December and January. The summer rainy season is between late June and early September. The rain is often accompanied by severe thunder and lightning storms that can cause flash floods. Precipitation, including snow, averages about 20 inches (51 cm) per year.

Did You Know?

bat gates in opening of the State of Texas Mine, Coronado National Memorial

At Coronado National Memorial, endangered Lesser Long-nosed bats use natural limestone caves and cave-like mines as their homes for part of the year. Bat-gates, a special type of fencing installed by biologists, prevent humans and predators from disturbing their habitat. Bats can fly right through!