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    National Memorial Arizona

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A Coues buck (sub-species of the white-tailed deer) stops for a drink at a pond behind the visitor center.

A beautiful male Coues deer (a sub-species of the white-tailed deer) stops for a drink at a small pond behind the visitor center.  Note the antlers are in the velvet stage.

Come enjoy the memorial! Outdoor activities include auto touring, caving, hiking, birding, nature walks, wildlife viewing, and picnicking. The Diverse bio-regions in the park, including grasslands, oak woodlands, and pinyon and pine forests, provide excellent habitat for a variety of birds and animals.

Did You Know?

barking frog

Coronado National Memorial is home to the rare barking frog. Its presence was first confirmed here in 1993. The barking frog hibernates for almost the entire year, except for a few weeks in summer after the first heavy rains. Then, the males can be heard calling from limestone crevices for mates.