• Montezuma Peak


    National Memorial Arizona


A Mexican Blue Jay perches on a wooden fence

Always curious, a Mexican blue jay perches on a fence.

Birds abound in Coronado National Memorial. Some varieties are migratory, while others can be seen throughout the year. A bird checklist is available to help identify many of the different species in the memorial. Bring binoculars and plan for a day filled with Mexican jays, hummingbirds, ravens, sparrows, towhees, turkey vultures, and woodpeckers. You might get lucky and see a roadrunner or montezuma quail!

Did You Know?

bat gates in opening of the State of Texas Mine, Coronado National Memorial

At Coronado National Memorial, endangered Lesser Long-nosed bats use natural limestone caves and cave-like mines as their homes for part of the year. Bat-gates, a special type of fencing installed by biologists, prevent humans and predators from disturbing their habitat. Bats can fly right through!