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Coronado International Memorial - August 18, 1941
Coronado National Memorial - November 8, 1952

Coronado National Memorial was established as a unit of the National Park System to commemorate Francisco Vásquez de Coronado's sixteenth-century expedition into what is now the United States. This is the only national park unit commemorating this event. The memorial's southern boundary is on the border between the United States and Mexico and offers extraordinary views of the San Pedro River Valley and an opportunity to delve into the first major exploration of the American Southwest by European explorers.

Did You Know?

bat gates in opening of the State of Texas Mine, Coronado National Memorial

At Coronado National Memorial, endangered Lesser Long-nosed bats use natural limestone caves and cave-like mines as their homes for part of the year. Bat-gates, a special type of fencing installed by biologists, prevent humans and predators from disturbing their habitat. Bats can fly right through!