• Montezuma Peak


    National Memorial Arizona


Summer floodwaters rushing down Montezuma Canyon.

Summer flood event in Montezuma Canyon.

(NPS Photo by David Bly)

Coronado National Memorial encompasses most of the Montezuma Canyon drainage, which flows southeast into the San Pedro River. The San Pedro flows north from Sonora, Mexico into Arizona to join the Gila River 100 miles downstream near the town of Winkelman. It is one of only two major rivers that flows north out of Mexico into the United States and is one of the last few large undammed large rivers in the Southwest. The San Pedro's perennial flow, though sometimes a trickle, is a rare occurrence in the Southwest.

The memorial is a member of The Upper San Pedro Partnership, a consortium of agencies and groups working together to meet the water needs of the area and protect the resources of the San Pedro River. Member agencies are also working closely with Mexican partners to address critical conservation issues in the upper basin south of the border.

Did You Know?

Monument 100 along the American/Mexican Border in Coronado National Memorial

There are boundary markers along the US/Mexico Border. Coronado National Memorial has three boundary monuments, 100, 101, and 102. The markers are placed within line of site. They begin in El Paso, Texas and end in San Diego, California.