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  • Fishing is allowed within Congaree National Park with a valid South Carolina fishing license. All South Carolina laws pertaining to licensing, size, and creel limits apply.
  • Violation of the below fishing regulations could result in fines and/or seizure of fishing equipment.

Fishing Areas

  • Fishing is permitted in all areas of the park except for the Weston Lake overlook and an area of 100 ft. around the overlook.


  • Boats propelled by inboard/outboard motors are prohibited.


  • To avoid introducing new, nonnative and/or potentially diseased, species to the ecosystem, please do not use minnows, amphibians or fish eggs as bait.
  • To preserve this natural environment for future generations, drugs, poisons, explosives, electrical devices or similar means in order to take or attract game and/or non-game fish are NOT allowed.
  • To ensure the natural condition of the park, do not dig for bait or chum for fish.
  • Game fish may be used to catch game fish but must be included in South Carolina regulated daily bag limit.


  • Fish only with closely attended hook and line, fly rod, casting rod, pole and line or hand line.

General Rules

  • To preserve the quantity and biodiversity of the fish population, only recreational fishing is allowed. Catch and release sportsmanship is encouraged.
  • Please return illegal or unwanted fish carefully and immediately to the water.
  • Help maintain the natural beauty and health of the park by refraining from littering.

Did You Know?

Students learn about the diverse forest community at Congaree National Park

Congaree National Park ranks among the most diverse forest communities in North America. There are 22 different plant communities in the park.