Concessions Management Advisory Board

The Concessions Management Advisory Board was established on November 13, 1998, by Public Law 105-391, and is composed of seven members appointed by the Secretary of the Interior. Advisory Board members must be United States citizens and not employed by the Federal Government. Board members are by law designated to have a specific expertise in the following areas: hospitality, tourism, accounting, outfitting and guide industries, non-profit conservation parks and recreation programs, traditional arts and crafts, and State parks and recreation programs.

The Advisory board has held open, public, meetings since its inception on issues concerning National Park Service Commercial Services Program and matters of interest to NPS-authorized concessioners. Pursuant to Public Law 105-391, the Board provides reports of its activities to the Committee on Resources, U.S. House of Representatives, and the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, United States Senate.

The Concessions Management Advisory Board held its 27th meeting March 19, 2014, in Washington, DC at the Department of Interior Building, 1849 C Street, NW, Room 5160. Click here to view the agenda and minutes.