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Colonial National Historical Park administers approximately 308 of the original 2,000 acres of Governor Sir William Berkeley’s estate, known as Green Spring. Though not currently open to the public, the complex of partial historic ruins, archeological sites, and landscape features that make up Green Spring have provided and have the potential to provide information on the life and times of Governor Berkeley and later owners and the evolution the southern plantation system. The Friends of the National Park Service for Green Spring assist the park by researching, preserving, and presenting Historic Green Spring and its history for public education and enjoyment.

Did You Know?

Satellite image of the Chesapeake Bay courtesy of the USGS

The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States at 200 miles long, from 3 to 30 miles wide with an area of 3,237 square miles. Four major rivers empty into the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia: the James River, the York River, the Rappahannock River and the Potomac River.