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Public Transportation

Various public and private transportation services are available throughout the area. AMTRAK has stations in Newport News and Williamsburg, Greyhound has commercial bus service to Newport News and Williamsburg, and rental cars and taxi service are sometimes available from all of these locations. For air service there are three airports within one hours drive of Colonial National Historical Park: Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (20 minutes from Yorktown), Norfolk International Airport (one hour east of the park) and Richmond International Airport (one hour west of the park).


Did You Know?

Foliage of teh Sassafras tree

The botanical sassafras is a deciduous tree in the family Lauraceae, native to eastern North America and eastern Asia. In the 17th century it was worth its weight in gold as a medicinal plant and was an early Jamestown export. Sassafras has been used in the manufacture of Root Beer.